...all while experiencing AMAZING levels of HEALTH, WELLNESS, VITALITY, ENERGY and RECOVERY? 
of the numerous DIET, NUTRITION & HEALTH solutions out there claiming to be THE PERFECT ANSWER FOR YOU?
(while failing at providing YOU the answers you actually need for your personal situation!)
I WILL PERSONALLY guide you over the next 28 days to the answers that will work FOR YOU!
The fact is, YOUR BODY already knows how to achieve everything you want for yourself, regardless of whether your goals are weight loss, toning, sculpting, athletic, health or something else entirely. RIGHT NOW, these answers are locked away behind your current cravings and emotional habit patterns. This 28-Day Body Reset WILL eliminate ALL of that in a very simple yet powerful way, giving you access to the Health, Wellness & Vitality that is YOURS by BIRTHRIGHT!
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further

"Confusion... I totally get it. 

There are SO many diet solutions out there and they all seem to contradict each other. 

I have dedicated my life to studying and understanding Health, Wellness, Vitality & Longevity, and the one thing I have found with every solution offered is that it only adds to the mountain of confusion out there.

Even with my Degree in Herbal Medicine and qualifications in Sports Nutrition, Personal Training, Strength Conditioning & Lifestyle Medicine, I still found it a serious challenge to make sense of all the conflicting information.

In the end, I discovered a SINGLE TRUTH...

NO ONE could tell me what was exactly right for my body, my health, my wellness and my vitality!
Sure, they could put me in the ballpark, but that wasn't good enough for me.

Unfortunately, my cravings for things that were not so great for my body were keeping me stuck in habit patterns that prevented me from embracing my GREATEST HEALTH!

So I did the one thing that I KNEW would change that...

I reset my body from all of its cravings and habits, and then listened to what IT was asking for.
In doing so, I found the perfect way to eat, breathe and move, FOR ME!

NOW, I'm going to guide you STEP BY STEP through the exact same process I have used to reset my own body, and that of numerous clients, from any and all cravings and habits, and show you how to connect with what is right FOR YOU!

I'm not going to tell you how to eat, move and breathe. There's enough "experts" out there, doing that already. What I AM going to do is show you how to connect with yourself, and your body, where those answers are simple!"
Christopher Jones

See What Others Are Saying About The 28 Day Body Reset:

Agnieszka W.

I LOVE sitting with my hunger. 
I LOVE hearing myself saying no when offered a chunk of cheese which I would loved to try earlier - I feel emotionally stronger - and this strength is put to the test very often as my partner loves sweets very much 🤣 he eats them sitting next to me and I'm like a Jedi 😄

Karen W.

I forgot how fucking delicious food is exactly as it is! I feel like I'm savoring food more - and knowing I have less to choose from encourages me to enjoy what i have more. I eat way, way less when I'm not eating the foods I"m addicted to (like bread and cheese). I feel so much better already just cutting out those two things. I've always preferred fresh fruit and veggies, so these food choices are just joyful for me!!!

Tonya P.

It is much more than a reset...
It is a learning experience and bonding experience. I'm learning better ways to eat, along with learning more about my body that I've ignored for far too long, eating the way I did. This bonding experience has been a journey very personal. I'm very proud to find another aspect of myself in doing this reset. 
Thanks Chris
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I exercise while doing this body reset?
Absolutely, and movement is actually a huge part of cleansing the system. Your lymphatic system actually requires muscle contraction in order to pump, and it is a super highway around the body which can hold many toxins.

The thing to keep in mind is, beyond the movement and stretching prescribed in the 28 day reset, please listen to your body regarding how much is enough when it comes to exercise.

Although movement and exercise is great, now is probably not the best time to take up Olympic powerlifting, or training for your next marathon. Wait until after the cleanse for more intensive activity levels.
I'm feeling unwell after starting this reset, what should I do?
Depending on just how toxic your lifestyle has become, you may have some discomfort initially due to the body cleaning itself up. This is known most commonly as a healing shock, or healing crisis.

It's important to pay attention to your body and listen to its cues. Although it can be relatively normal to experience some mild cold or flu like symptoms at the beginning on any cleanse, if you feel something is wrong, please seek the assistance of your medical professional.

Having said that, if you're able to, stick with the program and work through the sensations. Be gentle with yourself, get rest, drink plenty of water and trust that your body knows what it's doing.
What about coffee, alcohol or tobacco?
If you want to gain the absolute most from your time during this 28 day period, it is asked that you stop taking all of these things.

Yes, doing so may cause some discomfort in some cases, but this is a body reset, which is taking your body back to its natural, desired state.
It is also opening the channels for you to energetically align with your deepest Soul purpose for being here. 

It is incredibly challenging, (if not impossible) for you to connect with your Soul and discover your purpose when the physical body is blocked, clogged up and toxic.


We will structure a plan for you if you have any doubts or concerns, but this may require an add on coaching session. 

After these 28 days, if you desire to go back to coffee, alcohol or tobacco, then feel free to do so, but during this time, please give your body the rest it needs and deserves.
I'm on medication. Will this affect me or what I'm taking?
Although there is nothing offered in this body reset that would contraindicate (affect your medications effectiveness or cause complications), it is still highly recommended that you check with your Primary Health Care Provider before beginning on this 28 days.

Unlike the severe, abrupt, chemical or strong herbal detox formulas that you can buy from health food stores, this is a food based approach to resetting the body that serves the body by asking it to gently give up that which isn't serving it, rather than forcing it to do so and stripping it of toxins (as well as gut microbiome, minerals and other necessary aspects of your internal physiology).
I'm currently unwell or sick with something. Should I wait to begin?
As above, there is nothing here that is going to make you feel worse.

You will probably actually start noticing that you feel better as your body takes to the cleanse.
Unlike severe, abrupt chemical or strong herbal detox formulas that you can buy from health food stores, this approach is gentle but deliberate.

It is an approach to cleansing and resetting the system based on wellness, rather than abruptly stripping toxins from your system and making you deal with them. As such, if your body isn't ready to deal with stored toxins, it won't release them until it IS ready.

HOWEVER, if you have any concerns, please contact your Primary Health Care Provider before beginning on this 28 days.
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